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This website is run by two organizations: Zuidas and Zuidasdok Zuidas is a department of the City of Amsterdam. Zuidasdok is a project-based organization run jointly by Rijkswaterstaat (part of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management), ProRail (railway infrastructure operator) and the City of Amsterdam. Collectively, we are Amsterdam Zuidas. In close cooperation with one another, we are building the Zuidas city district, as well as improving the accessibility of Zuidas and of the northern Randstad conurbation.

Zuidas – literally, the “southern axis” – is an area located on the outskirts of the vibrant city of Amsterdam, only minutes away from one of Europe’s leading international airports:  Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

With its high concentration of businesses, public institutions and housing, this is a dynamic new part of our capital. Already a high-profile international business district and a centre of research and education, Zuidas is now evolving into a fully-fledged urban hub – a prime international location for living, working and recreation.

A significant number of our ambitions for Zuidas have already been realized: It is a dynamic working and living environment, with plenty of amenities ensuring both comfort and relaxation. Zuidas will continue to develop in the decades to come.

Zoning plans are in the making, more land is becoming available for development, new buildings are being planned or are under construction and public spaces are being redesigned.  In 2019 work will start on the most important infrastructure project in the entire Amsterdam Metropolitan Area: Zuidasdok.  This project is intended to improve the accessibility of Zuidas and the entire northern Randstad, by both road and public transport.

For more information regarding our vision for the Zuidas area up to 2030 view the summary of The Zuidas Vision Document. This can be downloaded here.

Building Zuidas

We, in partnership with developers, are investing heavily in Zuidas. However this has a downside: the environmental disruption caused by the building of new homes, offices and amenities. As the area is becoming increasingly built up, we have to consider the wider local community. Accessibility is an important issue for Zuidas.  It is one of our greatest strengths but will also be our biggest challenge in the coming years. During the regeneration process there have been and will be periods when access is adversely affected, an unavoidable part of its ultimate improvement. For example the widening of Boelelaan East in the short term and in the longer term the ongoing project Zuidasdok. To ensure that everything is done to solve these issues, the city government and local businesses formed a joint Accessibility Task Force in 2012. This tackles both short-term problems and proposes long-term structural solutions. Disruption caused by building work is a real issue. As a response to this, contractors have agreed to always use low-noise construction methods on all new projects. An example of this is the use of screw and press-in piles rather than traditional techniques like hammer and vibratory pile-driving.

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Living in Zuidas

Zuidas is one of Amsterdam’s largest residential property development sites. In the next few years, hundreds of homes will be constructed, including homes for sale, mid-price homes for rent, studio apartments, student housing, social housing and collective self-build projects.

Zuidas provides an excellent residential environment. The ambition is to make Zuidas a popular residential area and we pay special attention to the human dimension both in architecture and the ‘green’ design of public spaces. Zuidas is being transformed into a well-rounded and unique Amsterdam neighbourhood including schools (International and Dutch), cafes and restaurants, sports centres and a growing number of retail outlets. Other amenities included various venues for events and exhibitions.

View the housing projects and real estate agents (in Dutch).

New in Amsterdam?

Whether you’re moving to the city region, newly arrived or are an established citizen, here you can learn about life in the Amsterdam Area.

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Why come and live in Zuidas?

Living in Zuidas means living in brand new buildings in one of Amsterdam’s most charming areas. You can enjoy all the benefits of stately Amsterdam Zuid while living in a comfortable modern home. There is a wide variety of homes on offer, with something for everyone in terms of price, size, location and facilities.  All of them offer the benefits that come with modern building techniques:

  • Light and airy
  • High ceiling
  • Good insulation
  • Low maintenance
  • Energy efficient
  • Lifts
  • Ample storage
  • Indoor parking

 Facts and Figures

  • 2017:  Approximately 3,200 residents.
  • ‘Ultimately’ approximately 7,000 homes.
  • Standard ceiling height: 3.3 meters.
  • Average household size in Zuidas: 2.1 individuals.
  • 27% single occupancy (compared to 33% in Zuid and 46% in Amsterdam).
  • 50% double occupancy, 25% including children.
  • A rich variety of homes.  Expensive; Mid-priced homes (up to €970 monthly rental or max. €46.263 income and Social housing units (up to €710 monthly rental or max. €36.165 income).

Completed residential buildings

Approximately 2,613 homes, distributed among 17 residential complexes: (900 Mahler, Summertime, Eurocenter, Luminuz, New Amsterdam, Symphony, Django, Miles, OpZuid, Square, Rivers, Amstelwijck, The Fred, Intermezzo, RIV, Gershwin Townhouses, Eigen Haard, Gershwin Brothers and Ravel Residence (800 student housing units).

Under construction

Under development: approximately 593 homes, distributed among 5 residential complexes: Xavier, The George, The Gustav, Valley, Sud.


Zuidas has a lot more to offer. A game of football or tennis, walking in the Beatrixpark or a run in the Amsterdamse Bos, a sunny glass of rosé on one of the terraces: In Zuidas one can linger. Dining or sunbathing at Strand Zuid or enjoying a sandwich at a bakery in the central area. More and more schools, kindergartens, shops, hotels cafes and restaurants are opening, as Zuidas develops into an Amsterdam neighbourhood where everyone can live, work and play.

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Looking for commercial spaces?

Commercial spaces are available for rent in Zuidas. The plinth map gives an excellent overview of available spaces. This map can be downloaded below (in Dutch). The ‘plinth’ in this case is two floors high – approximately 10 metres – and is designed to provide a pleasant visual experience for passers-by at street level. We ask property developers to include features of this kind in buildings that accommodate facilities such as shops, restaurants and cafés. For more information please contact our plinth manager through the Amsterdam Zuidas Information Centre.

For more information please contact plinth manager Saskia Rill via

Working in Zuidas

Zuidas is best known as a high-ranking international knowledge and business centre. More than 700 companies, many of them leading names, are already established here. They include Google, AkzoNobel and ABN AMRO. While district’s primary focus is on the financial, legal and business services sectors, these household-names are attracting an increasing number of companies from other sectors to Zuidas. Recently it was announced that the European Medicine Agency (EMA) will move to Zuidas but also companies like Kraft Heinz, Edelman PR and Henkel have office’s in Zuidas.

Zuidas has become a successful international business district and location for Urban Knowledge. It is transforming into a multifunctional centre for living, working and recreation. In Zuidas, roughly 39,000 people find employment in approximately 700 large and small businesses. The high concentration of companies and institutions and the development of more homes and offices energizes the area, which in turn adds to the vivacity of Amsterdam as a whole. Zuidas offers opportunities and attracts aspirations, shaping the (international) careers of those who work there.

Within Zuidas, businesses and organizations can easily connect with each other. This results in a growing number of business networks operating within a particular industry or specific theme.

Facts and Figures

  • Approx. 700 companies; about 39,000 working people.
  • Vacancy rate of approx. 4.9% (whole 2016).
  • Company sectors – 25% banks and financial institutions, 19% legal services, 15% other business services.
  • Companies’ Country of origin – 45% from the Netherlands, 18% from the US, 9% from the UK.
  • Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam – 25,000 students nearly 3,000 academic staff.  48 Bachelor’s programs and 89 Master’s programs.

Every six months we carry out an ‘Office Monitor’, tracking the development of companies within Zuidas. This can be downloaded below.

Completed buildings for offices and amenities in 2017:

Circl – ABN AMRO (approx. 3.000 m2), Atrium (expansion approx. 30.000 m2), Noma House (approx. 14.000 m2).

Office buildings and Amenities under construction:

Van der Valk hotel (238 rooms, completion 2019), Valley (completion  2021), Carpark underground sportpark ‘Goed Genoeg’, Bike parking Strawinsky (underground), Rietveld Academie (expansion approx. 3.5000 m2), Nieuwe Universiteitsgebouwen (New University buildings) (approx. 30.000 m2), VU Imaging Center (approx. 18.000 m2, completion 2019), Olympic Plaza (expansion approx. 3.500 m2, completion 2018), Goede Doelen Loterijen (Lotery building) (renovation & expansion: 5.000 m2 mixt use) (completion 2018), Nhow Amsterdam RAI hotel (650 rooms ca 35.000 m2), Hourglass (21.000 m2 office incl. 15.500 m2) Loyens & Loeff (115 apartment hotel).

Zuidas as a Knowledge Economy

The presence of VU University Amsterdam and VU University Medical Centre facilitates optimal interaction between the business and academic communities. VU University Amsterdam has extended its activities to include the Duisenberg School of Finance and the Tinbergen Institute. This brings the Netherlands’ goal of becoming one of the top five knowledge economies much closer.

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